Later Never Comes

This is part 2 of our series “Wake Up & Be Awesome” that is apart of our One Shining Moment campaign to uplift, inspire and empower those who may be struggling in the black LGBT community. Those with self confidence are more likely to help others in need, resulting in more positivity in our community.

now or laterHave you ever heard someone – or yourself say: “There are a few things I need to do to get ready for this interview, but I’ll do it later”, or you have a test to take that you know is the difference between getting a C or a B in a course, but your friends who aren’t on the same path as you want to go out and they say: “just come out with us for a minute and you can do all that other stuff later”?

Well I have some bad news for you. “Later” or “someday” does not exist. You have no control over the future. Not tomorrow, not next week or not even next year. The only time you control is right now. Successful people know this. Procrastination is the enemy of success. You can’t mix the two.

Here is another tip: you are never too busy to do something that you actually want to do. Stop telling this to people that you have given your word to. You may think it is a good excuse, but basically you are saying: “I have better things to do and even though I gave you my word, this is just not that important to me”. Instead, try to just say “no”. In the end, it’s better than insulting someone, or making an entire group look bad because you did not pull your weight on a project”. Plus what you have going on in your life is not any more important than the person you gave your word too. Plus, saying that you are busier than someone else can come off as arrogant. Just because someone else finished the job by the deadline does not mean they did not have other things going on. They could just be good with time management.

With each post in each series there is a companion video and supplemental reading material that I have come across that breaks each topic down to you in a practical, interactive way. Procrastination is actually no fault of your own! Bet you didn’t know that. Many times your environment adds to your ability to be distracted. There are a few tips in the attachments to this posts, but one I want to highlight to combat procrastination and always putting things off is to just START.

Take the task that you think is so daunting and break it down to smaller steps that are not so intimidating. Instead of rewarding yourself after completing the entire task, reward yourself for starting! Eventually you will learn the hardest part about any project is starting it.


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This post is part 2 of our current series.

This post is part 2 of our current series.

Read Part 1 and sign the pledge to be more uplifting and empowering to those in the black LGBT community (Here) You will then get every entry in each series emailed to you directly on Mondays. You can also follow on our mobile app and our TV channel.


Living Resume vs Paper Resume

In 2014 NYPS embarked on a campaign to inspire, empower and uplift the black LGBT community. With so much negativity on many of our social media accounts, we decided 2014 will be our “One Shining Moment” to uplift, not tear down. We challenged our members to not only follow our lead but to lead by example. This piece is the first in helping our people move to the next level. It’s your time to shine!


its-my-time-im-ready-for-the-next-step-bliss-inventiveWorking with young people, you have no choice but to expect something on your timeline or any other social media account to say something like “filling out resumes all day today – once again” or “ugh it’s Monday, have to spend 8 hours at this job”. It’s just one more thing (some) people have to complain about, in addition to the other things on the list they already complain about.

I question, why complain about something you CAN actually control? I don’t remember who said it, but a saying this reminds me of is:

“The definition of ignorance is to constantly do the same thing and expect a different outcome”

Now yes, that is a bit harsh, and I by no means am calling anyone ignorant, but it makes you stop and think.

One thing I teach at different presentations is how to be a “living” resume, so you don’t have to always rely on a “paper” resume.  Let me give you an example. I have never had to apply for a job – after the first job I had. While others complained and slacked off, I was always on it. I would come in early and stay late. That saying “there is always someone willing to do what you will not do” is 100% true. I went above and beyond, so much so that my work spoke for tumblr_mwu6ob4ZJR1smntndo1_1280itself. My work ethic made me stand out from the crowd and gained me numerous raises and positions. I WAS my resume. My work spoke for itself (expect this sentence alot in this piece). If it meant going to bed at a certain time when all my friends wanted to go out – I did it. Fast forward to today and all my friends look forward to having lunch because they know I can afford to pay the bill.

Let’s face it. Hiring someone based off of what they wrote on a piece of paper is risky. Not even you would do it. And who has time to verify information? The first job that I am referring to had absolutely nothing to do with what my career is today, however it led to what I do today and now I wake up every morning excited about Monday!

You would never be able to see my work ethic from reading a piece of paper, so I chose to rely on being a “living” resume. Even though I am in a position I love, I get a new job offer regularly.  My work speaks for itself. No need for a paper resume.


For the video & article that goes with this post, click here and proceed to the bottom of the page (More)

This can be your “One Shining Moment”, right now –  today! Take the pledge to be uplifting to one another. Spread love not hate. One by one we can make our community loving and welcoming! Join our campaign and get nothing but positive, uplifting messages and videos geared towards the black LGBT community! #OneShiningMoment

Is It A Conference Or A Retreat? Either Way It’s FREE – Register Now

The Midwest Regional will take place at AMC 2014 in Detroit at Wayne State Univeristy

The Midwest Regional will take place at AMC 2014 in Detroit at Wayne State University

You probably know by now that there is a LGBT specific or youth specific conference, convention or retreat every month of the year. We have definitely come along away. During the past two years, while working on the National Strategy For Black Gay Youth In America, we heard from many young people that they could never afford the steep registration fees, let alone transportation, housing, meals, etc. Several organizations have begun to offer FREE conferences and events for this demographic once a year and we applaud them and always announce them on our mobile app when they begin their registration process.

NYPS began to offer FREE regional conferences in 2013. They were held in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and

East Region 2013 in New York City had 4 simultaneous sessions over 3 days

East Region 2013 in New York City had 4 simultaneous sessions over 3 days

Atlanta. Regional conferences were chosen over one national conference after research showed that transportation to a area closer to the home of the participant was significantly cheaper. (Megabus from Detroit to Chicago was only $20 round trip via MegaBus last year). We were extremely excited about the quality of presenters and workshops. 80% of our facilitators presented at Creating Change, considered the largest LGBT conference in the world,  in the past two years.

After learning a few lessons from the 2013 conferences (evaluation is the key to success) we are proud to announce the host cities for the 2014 NYPS Regional Conferences: Detroit, Michigan (Midwest); Columbia, South Carolina (South) and Washington, D.C. (East).  Each Regional Conference is now independent of each other, so no two will look alike. We are also merging from a conference feel (our Midwest version) to more of a retreat feel that includes social activities for young adults in their 20′s (our East version).

NYPS changed it’s mission and vision in 2014. Some things we did in the past, we no longer work on. Please visit our website to see all the changes made to our organization.

You never know who you will get the chance to hear from at a NYPS Regional Conference

You never know who you will get the chance to hear from at a NYPS Regional Conference

There are several ways you can get started planning your experience at a NYPS Regional Conference:

  1. Fill our a Pre-Registration form (below) and be included on the mailing list for all news, scholarships, fundraising, special gustes and activities for the regional conference of your choice. (This option is for NON-members only)
  2. Consider joining a planning team (for non NYPS members only)
  3. Check transportation prices today! Megabus prices start at just $1 when booked three months in advance.
  4. Become a sponsor! Sponsor someone looking to attend a 2014 NYPS Regional Conference

Note: Each conference is different in nature, purpose, style and activities because they are planned by young adults from different parts of the country.

NYPS App Goes 3D

Notice something different about our mobile app today? Does it look like things are jumping right off your phone and coming at you?!?!

Have no fear, our mobile app is trying out some new 3D technology. To join in on the fun, from our app click “Photos” and then “Tumblr”. Works best with 3D glasses of course!

NYPS app goes 3D!

NYPS app goes 3D!

50 Black LGBT People Every Black LGBT Youth Should Know #48 Sen. Kelvin Atkinson


Happy Birthday Senator!

Originally posted on National Youth Pride Services:

kelvin_atkinson_2013_04-24 We continue our series introducing black LGBT youth in America to the people they should know. Just in time for the closing of our list, we are excited to include Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson.

Kelvin Atkinson was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the second of three children.

Both natives of Chicago, Kelvin’s mother was a union worker in a mill for over twenty years and his father was a railroad worker who later went back to school to become a criminal attorney.

At the age of ten, Kelvin visited his fraternal grandparents who had moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and he found that he loved the city so much that he asked his parents’ permission to remain there with them. Two years later, they also relocated to Los Angeles.

Kelvin finished junior high school and high school in Culver City, California. After graduating high school, Kelvin attended…

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